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Engraving Services

Laser engraving:
A laser is utilized to burn away the painted surface, revealing the metal beneath. Metal plates typically come in black with a choice of silver or gold engraving. Laser engraving lends a more formal or sophisticated appearance but cannot incorporate color. Very small text can become difficult to read. Adding a logo usually requires a digitizing process with an added one time fee per logo.

A heat transfer process is used to infuse color onto an aluminum metal, leaving the surface smooth to the touch. Any color can be transferred onto your choice of a gold, silver or white plate. With this process, text comes out crisp and clean, even when letters are very small. Logos can incorporate color without an expensive digitizing fee.

Digitizing is a process in which the engraver must re-create the logo in the laser computer. No two logos are the same; the more complicated the logo, the more time consuming the process. Very simple logos may not require digitizing. High resolution, camera ready artwork can streamline the process, resulting in a less expensive one time digitizing fee for a logo.

Usually reserved for crystal pieces, sandcarving is a form of engraving that achieves a greater clarity in text and logos. It can be used for glass pieces upon request. In the case of glass, it provides an alternative to the frosted appearance seen with laser engraving. Sandcarving is offered at an additional charge